At the start of a  New Year  it can be an exciting time for families to create resolutions that will set them up for success in the coming year. Parents of little girls should focus on helping their daughters develop into confident and well-rounded individuals by creating resolutions specific to their interests and needs. Encouraging your little princess to make New Year's resolutions can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you as it helps her learn how to set goals and work towards them. 

Here are five New Year's resolutions that your little girl can work on to help her feel confident, stylish, and empowered:


  1. Try a new hairstyle. As your little girl grows, her hair will change and evolve, and it's important for her to experiment with different looks with your guidance.  Whether it's a new cut, color, or style, trying something new can be an excellent way for her to express her personality and individuality. Remember, here at Puttisu; we always recommend using hair styling products specially formulated for children. You can feel good about using them on your little one's delicate locks. Not only will it make her feel pretty, but it will also boost her self-confidence.

  2. Experiment with different makeup looks.
    As your little girl grows older, she may start to express an interest in makeup. Encourage her to explore different looks and techniques and enjoy experimenting with different colors and styles. Puttisu cosmetics are safe for children and are formulated to be gentle on young skin, so you can feel good about letting your little princess play with them. Remember to teach them the importance of good skincare too.Our real fruit facial masks sheets are fun, ideal for taking care of your little one's skin.

  3. Read more books.
    Reading is one of the most important things your child can do to foster her intellectual development. Encourage your little girl to read various books - from picture books to chapter books - and help her find stories that she'll love. Reading not only increases her knowledge but also improves her imagination, creativity, and communication skills.

  4. Get creative. Encourage your little girl to explore her artistic side. Whether painting, drawing, or sculpting, art can be an excellent way for her to express herself and develop her creativity. Puttisu recommends choosing art supplies that are specially designed for children and non-toxic. It's essential to avoid products that contain toxic ingredients. Especially when using them on children. Here are some of the toxic nasties to watch out for Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates and Fragrances. An easy way to avoid these ingredients is to be sure you buy from a brand that's mission is to avoid using anything harmful. Art is an excellent way for children to explore their emotions and develop their imagination. It's also a great tool to encourage self-expression.

  5. Last and certainly not least, practice kindness. We all need more of this. Kindness is one of the most essential qualities that your child can develop.Encourage your little girl to be kind to others and to help out in the community. This could include volunteering, participating in charity events, or even small gestures like helping a neighbor. Or being kind to someone at school.Kindness is essential in developing empathy, compassion, and the ability to understand the emotions of others. It's an excellent quality to encourage in children.

Encouraging your little princess to make New Year's resolutions can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you. These five ideas are just a starting point; you can create unique resolutions specific to your child's interests and needs. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and to help your little girl develop into a confident, happy, and well-rounded individual.

As a parent, your role is to guide and support your child, and that's precisely what you'll be doing by encouraging her to make New Year's resolutions. The most important thing is ensuring these resolutions are age-appropriate and attainable. Help her set realistic and achievable goals, and then provide her with the resources and support she needs to reach them.