WHOLESALE INQUIRIES: For retailers eager to feature Puttisu products in your shop, kindly get in touch with us at info@puttisu-usa.com or by completing the form provided on this page. When reaching out, please include these essential details in your message:
   - Your Store's Name
   - Business Location (physical address)
   - Point of Contact (Name of contact person)
   - Contact Details (Email and Phone Number)
   - Nature of Your Store (such as children's boutique, general merchandise store, and so on).
   - Online or/and Brick and Mortar

     You can also shop and order Puttisu online for your store. 

    1. www.jnmwholesale.com (contact us-info@puttisu-usa.com for password)


      2. Shop at Faire.com by clicking below button. 

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