Puttisu on 'Living Local' WHBF TV

Living Local - WHBF TV
The brand Puttisu offers water-based, non-toxic nail polish that contains natural extract oils. The polish is banana or strawberry scented and peels off like sticker, so there's no need for harsh, nail-polish here to view

Puttisu on ABC

Low Country Live - ABC TV
"Colorful, fun, and safe....Puttisu water-based, peel-off nail polish is THE best gift for toddler and child! Collect all of the fun characters and customize each manicure with nail art stickers!"

Puttisu in AllureAllure
Jan 2020
"New to the US, Puttisu touts its nail polish as kid-friendly thanks to the lak of 18 common nail polish chemicals, the fruity scent, and the absolutely adorable packaging. ...". Click here to read.
Puttisu on the Garnette Report

The Garnette Report
January 2020
Safe and Fun Nail Polish For Kids! Non-toxic, Water-based, Peel-off Nail polish
"This year's game-changing nail polish..."           Click to read


Puttisu recommended by RomperRomper
February 2020
Having manicure dates is something a lot of moms look forward to doing with their little one. So, is your kiddo is suddenly showing interest in your nail polish, you may be wondering: Is nail polish safe for toddlers? Read the full review.

Puttisu on Daily Mom

Daily Mom
January 2020 
With the innovative nail color formulas created by Puttisu, your little one can safely become the nail artist she’s always dreamed of without being exposed to all the harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish....  Click here to read