Discover Puttisu, the ultimate kid-friendly cosmetic brand! Our products are made with natural ingredients, ensuring safety and fun for little fashionistas. Let your kids express their creativity with our non-toxic nail polish and cosmetics. Embrace the joy of bonding over safe and enjoyable activities with Puttisu! Share your #Puttisu style on Instagram @puttisuusa.

Safe & Fun Nail Polish for Little Artists

Peel-Off, Non-Toxic, Water-Based

Let little girls embrace their inner nail artist with Puttisu's innovative nail color formulas. Our water-based, non-toxic polishes are free from harmful chemicals, protecting delicate skin and nails. Our natural extract oils nourish growing nails. Easily peel off the polish like a sticker when it's time for a new coat. Explore glitter, shimmer, and solid colors, plus fun sticker sets for nail art experiments. Enjoy bonding over safe and stylish nail art at home!

The Most Fun & Safe Sunscreen for Kids

Give your daughter her own compact with cute sheep and bear characters. Puttisu Safe Baby Mild Sun Cushion makes sunscreen application easy and enjoyable. It offers broad-spectrum SPF 50+ protection, gentle minerals, and a hypoallergenic, smooth finish. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure, reapplying every 2 hours. For ages 6 months and up.


Puttisu USA, a division of Jeannie N Mini, LLC, is a California Company. 

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