1) They Avoid the Sun.

Korean women are taught to avoid the sun at all costs. The sun is responsible for premature aging and sunspots. UV rays dry out our skin, break down collagen, and can cause skin cancer.

We aren't suggesting you avoid the sun. A healthy dose of vitamin D is also beneficial, provided you are sensible. However, you must protect yourself and your family against those harmful rays.

That's why it's so important to wear sunscreen every day! Sunscreen protects our skin from the sun's harmful rays. It helps keep our skin looking young and healthy. Make sure to apply sunscreen every morning before you go outside! 

Sunscreen protects against skin cancer. 

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2) Sunscreen keeps you younger for longer

It helps to prevent premature aging.
Sunscreen keeps your skin looking healthy and young.
Despite the obviously great genetics handed down to Korean women. Korean women recognize that spending too much time in direct sunlight is damaging and use sunscreen 365 days a year.

You, too, can avoid the signs of aging by using sunscreen. 

The sun's damaging rays are responsible for premature wrinkles and age spots, so protecting your skin from them is essential! Sunscreen helps maintain skin texture and reduces visible small blood vessels and freckling. Protecting your skin from the sun Helps to preserve the integrity of collagen. 

3. 10-step beauty regime

Koreans have long followed the 10-step beauty routine. While there may have been some controversy about exactly how many steps are in the average Korean daily beauty regime. Undoubtedly, they take a lot of time to care for their skin daily. Always with plenty of sun protection. 

Helping them to look many years younger.

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Don't forget to grab one for your child, too, and you can make a start to achieving the perfect skincare routine together.

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4) 365 days of Sunscreen Protection.

Don't let the cloudy skies fool you. 
Winter is also the perfect time to break out the sunscreen! 

Sunscreen is necessary for achieving and maintaining a good skincare routine all year round. The Koreans use a sun protector all year round.

Wearing sunscreen isn't just for days spent at the beach? In fact, making sunscreen part of your daily beauty routine is one of the best things you can do for your skin. 

It's also important to teach your children to use sunscreen as part of their daily routine; just like brushing their teeth, applying sunscreen should become part of their daily routine. They will thank you for it in years to come.