Safe & Fun Nail Polish for kids

Puttisu - safe & fun nail polish

Little girls are introduced to the concept of nail polish at a young age, but few understand why it’s only meant for “big girls” to wear. With the innovative nail color formulas created by Puttisu, little ones can safely become the nail artist she’s always dreamed of. 

Puttisu nail polishes are water-based and non-toxic. In fact, it eliminates 18 different harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish from its formula. The kid-captivating brand, Puttisu, replaces the bad with the good using natural extract oils such as olive, argan, macadamia and moringa oils that protect, hydrate and nurture her growing nail beds.

Nail polish varieties include glitter, shimmer and solid color hues. Sticker sets are also available for those who love to experiment with nail art. Best of all, nails remain unharmed by the average acetone remover when she’s ready for a new coat. Simply peel off like a sticker to reveal her natural nail.

Here are some other features that make Puttisu a family must-have:

  • Fun and easy to open character brush caps
  • Banana or strawberry scented—no chemical smell
  • Safe for pregnant women/mothers-to-be
  • Dermatology-tested