Hosting a DIY spa day for you and your little one is so much fun, and
here are 5 easy steps to make it successful.

This can be done on a large scale for pamper parties or as a relaxing
mom-and-daughter day.

1. Create your home Spa
First, you need to prepare for your event by recreating a salon or luxury spa,
depending on how major league you wish to make this fun day. You can get
creatively wild or keep it seductively simple either way; the children will love it.
And you will have plenty of fun planning.

Start by choosing your colored theme and which color you will lead with. Have
large fluffy towels in your desired shade and pillows to create the "salon bed."
Glass bowls filled with water and rose petals add that luxury feel, battery
operated flickering candles add to the ambiance. Get your child fully involved
by helping you create this scene. It's a perfect way to bond; discussing themes
and colors with your daughter is a priceless memory. And one they will remember forever.

2. Music
Don't forget the relaxing music to listen to. Why not check out some classical
music for kids? There are many great options out there that can help calm
down and relax. Some of our favorites are pieces by composers like Vivaldi,
Bach, and Beethoven. Their music is beautiful and can really help to create the
spa experience.

Now you have set your scene; it's time to consider what treatments you wish to

3. Mani-Pedi
With so many colors to choose from at Puttisu, your child can find a shade that
is just right. They'll love the peel-off polish because it makes painting their
nails more manageable than ever before! The only challenge might come when
deciding which color they want- something about glittery Emerald Greens
unleashes their inner mermaid or Intense Twinkle Pink Princesses. You can
relax knowing our 16 colors have you covered no matter what mood strikes.
What about the mess, we hear you ask? Here at Puttisu, we've got you covered

You can relax because our peel-off polish offers ease of application and
cleanup. The girls can have oodles of fun creating different designs and colors.
We also have nail art stickers for that extra flare with ease! Perfectly designed
for little fingernails. Allowing your child to get really creative.
With Puttisu's peel-off polish, you can sit back, relax and allow them to have

No matter what you decide on, each child gets to have heaps of creative
freedom in this activity that will leave them feeling satisfied.

4. Serve Pink lemonade.
Let's get real. We girls know that no party would be complete without a few
drinks! Have fun with your child beforehand by planning some fabulous
mocktails or homemade lemonade together. Don't forget jugs of cucumber
water with strawberries added for a pop of color.

The spa girls will love to sip a refreshing drink while they relax before, during,
or after their treatments. If indoors, use cups with lids and straws to avoid

5. Don't forget the Face masks.
No spa day would be complete without a face mask, you can have fun making
your own try avocado and a drizzle of honey combined with natural yogurt for
a hydrating treatment. You could even get your guests involved in this fun
activity if throwing a party.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid clearing up any mess, use one of our natural
fruit facial mask sheets. Perfectly made to fit those little cherub's faces - it's
convenient and less messy with safe ingredients.
Choose aloe vera gel from paradise plants rich in antioxidants or masks made
from strawberries, apples, or grape juice. Grab yours here. They come in handy
packs of 5 or 15, perfect for a pamper party.

Once you have your supplies, the girls can choose to apply the masks to each
other, or you can apply them for them.

Don't forget the obligatory cucumber slices over their eyelids.
Have your camera nearby to take a picture and show them how they look.

Finally, it's Competition time.
No doubt they'll want to take plenty of selfies. Don't forget to tag us @puttisuusa and include the hashtag #PerfectSpaDay to get a mention on our page or appear in our stories. It is all part of the fun!
We are excited to see how your Spa day went.