30-days Daily Facial Mask Sheets Set

$54.00 $78.00

🌙✨ Revitalize young skin with our 30-Day Kids' Daily Facial Mask Sheets Set!
Each night brings a fresh, real fruit infusion – 10 🍓 Strawberry, 10 🌿 Aloe, 5 🍏 Apple, and 5 🍇 Grape mask sheets. Hydrate, protect, and make skincare a delightful bedtime ritual. Sweet dreams come with sweet skincare! 🌜💫


  • 🍓 10x Strawberry Facial Mask Sheets: End the day with berry sweetness that hydrates and freshens up the skin!
  • 🌿 10x Aloe Facial Mask Sheets: Calm and soothe with aloe vera for a peaceful night's rest!
  • 🍏 5x Apple Facial Mask Sheets: Tuck in with apple-infused nourishment for a dreamy complexion!
  • 🍇 5x Grape Facial Mask Sheets: Get glowing with grape, a nighttime treat for vibrant skin!
  • ğŸŽ Bonus! Gift-Worthy Packaging: Beautifully designed, making bedtime more exciting and fun!

Make bedtime a skincare adventure with a month of playful pampering. Your child will look forward to every night, eagerly reaching for the next fruity-fun mask. It's skincare made delightful and magical – the perfect addition to any young skincare enthusiast's nightly routine! 🛌💖🌈