Advent Calendar Refill Set - 24 pieces

$179.00 $250.00

Keep the holiday magic alive with our Puttisu Advent Calendar Refill Set - 24 pieces of pure joy perfect for kids! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ Unwrap happiness each day with 4 Petit Nail Art Stickers 🌟, 5 Deluxe Nail Sticker Sets πŸ¦„, 6 colorful Bangles πŸ’«, and 9 enchanting Nail Polishes 🌈. Make each day of the holiday season a crafty adventure! 🎁✨
  • 24-piece setΒ 
  • Contains:Β 
    • Petit Nail Art Stickers x 4
    • Deluxe Nail Sticker Sets x 5
    • Bangles x 6
    • Nail Polish x 9 (G04, G05, G06, B01, B04, B05, C11, C12, C19)
  • $277.50 Value

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Kick off your holiday countdown with all things fun! Something glitter, shimmery, fashionable, and all easy to apply! Have some fun and creativity mix and matching with this special Advent Calendar set.Β 
  • *This set does not include the advent calendar. This set only comes with the Puttisu nail polish and accessories (total of 24 pieces) that can be used to fill in any advent calendars.Β