Deluxe Nail Polish 16-color Set

$159.00 $240.00

Indulge in our Deluxe Nail Polish 16-color Set, a treasure trove of creativity:

Set Includes:

  • 16 stunning colors (B01, B04, B05, G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, G06, C09, C11, C12, C13, C14, C16, C19)
  • Free shipping for your convenience
  • Each bottle contains 8 ml of vibrant color


  • Water-based formula, no harmful chemicals
  • Delightful banana scent
  • Pearl finish for a captivating high gloss
  • Peel-off application, as easy as a sticker
  • Safely used on children's and pregnant women's nails
  • Successfully passed clinical dermatology trials
  • Expertly crafted in South Korea
  • Main ingredients: Water (70%), moisturizer, vitamins, colors, and more.

Unleash your nail art dreams with this versatile, safe, and dazzling set. Experience creativity and quality like never before!