Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet for Kids - "Enchanting GRAPE Glow"


Introducing Our Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet for Kids - Grape Delight!

🍇 Discover the Magic of Nature: Grape Infusion in Every Pack!
🍇 Hydrate and Nourish: Natural Fresh Grape Extract for Healthy Skin
🍇 Concentrated Goodness: Packed with 100ppm of Nourishing Grape Extracts
🍇 Perfect Fit for Kids: Tailored Size to Comfortably Embrace Young Faces
🍇 Soft and Gentle: Crafted with 100% Cotton for a Soothing Mask Experience
🍇 Lasting Hydration: Stay-On Design Ensures Continued Essence Absorption
🍇 Crafted in South Korea: Unveil the Korean Skincare Secret

Each box brings joy with 5 individual packs of mask sheets (18ml each) that make skincare a delightful experience for kids. Embrace the magic of grapes with our Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet, exclusively designed for your precious ones. Harnessing the power of nature, these masks offer the goodness of grape extracts to hydrate and soothe young skin. The magic lies within the 100ppm grape extract concentration, delivering natural care in every application.

Tailored to fit young faces comfortably, our masks are made with 100% cotton for a soft touch that pampers the skin. The essence-soaked sheets remain securely in place, ensuring uninterrupted hydration and a calming sensation. Unveil the secret of radiant, happy skin with our Korean-crafted masks, a magical gift from us to your children.