Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet for Kids - "Refreshing STRAWBERRY Rejuvenation"


Introducing Our Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet for Kids - Strawberry Bliss!

🍓 Embark on a Berrylicious Journey: Unveil the Power of Strawberries
🍓 Nature's Nectar for Young Skin: Fresh Strawberry Extracts for a Radiant Glow
🍓 Abundant Strawberry Goodness: Enriched with 100ppm of Nourishing Extracts
🍓 Made for Kids: Perfectly Sized to Embrace and Nourish Young Faces
🍓 Gentle Caress: Crafted with 100% Cotton for a Tender Mask Experience
🍓 Hydration That Lasts: Stay-On Design for Prolonged Essence Absorption
🍓 Crafted with Care: Made in South Korea for Premium Quality

Indulge your little ones with the delightful essence of strawberries through our Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet - Strawberry Bliss! Elevate their skincare routine with the goodness of nature's treasure, strawberries, enclosed in every pack. Tailored for kids, this mask provides an enriching experience that nurtures and revitalizes their delicate skin. The magic comes alive with a concentration of 100ppm strawberry extracts, a bountiful source of natural care.

Designed to embrace youthful faces perfectly, our masks boast a soft and soothing touch. Crafted from 100% cotton, they cocoon the skin in comfort, infusing it with the essence that brings out the best in their skin. The stay-on design ensures uninterrupted nourishment and a soothing sensation, leaving their skin hydrated and happy. Experience the joy of Korean skincare with our carefully crafted masks, a special gift for your precious ones.